Delta robot test

I’ve been interested in Delta robots for some time now, a while back I even found academic research papers into the subject and made a rather crude model of one. As you can tell from the photo the first draft design of the delta is very poor. The servos are not nearly strong enough to do anything useful and it has no biceps not giving the robot the leverage it needs. Further more I neglected to read that a bare arduino (I had no shields) can only run two servos at a time. So when I loaded up my delta robot sketch I got a lot of binding.

Skip ahead a year and I’ve recently acquired a Chipkit motorshield (acquired in this case means on loan from my teacher). I’ve also got three new standard size servos and templates for the end effector and biceps. I’m going to make a drawing delta robot like Sketchy. At this current time the robot will work with a PS2 joystick, kinda. Still some issues related to the mechanical hardware of the unit. I’ll be making more posts to show my progress

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